Contract Worksheet Form

Official Name of Performer/Vendor (as listed on their W-9):
What is the address of the Performer/Vendor that you are paying: (If you do not have the full address: number, street, city and state, you rcontract may not be proccesd. 
Please provide a brief description of what the Performer/Vendor will be doing at your event:
Location of Event:
Date that Performer/Vendor will be doing event:
Time that Performer/Vendor will begin Performance:
Length of Performance (i.e. 45 minutes, 4 hours, ect)
What time should the Performer/Vendor arrive to campus:
How much are you paying the Performer/Vendor:
What is the Performer/Vendor's Tax ID #:
If the Vendor has provided you with a contract or invoice, please upload that document here or email it to the Shontae Khaleel White at
The Student Involvement office on your campus will process this contract for you. Please complete the following information for the contract to be processed. (Some information may be repeated from other parts of the online registration form; this is purposeful and neccessary in order to process the contract.) NOTE: Contracts must be processed at least 6 weeks in advance of an event.
How will you be paying for this event:
Student Organization Hosting Event:
Student Organization Contact Name:
Student Organization Contact Email: