Parent Organization: Student Activities and Involvement

Students for Justice in Palestine at FAU is a student-run human rights advocacy organization created to raise awareness within the FAU community and South Florida of the plight of the Palestinian people living in Occupied Palestine and the roles that our government and tax dollars play in this issue.

Students for Justice in Palestine at FAU supports the following:

1.  Termination of the occupation of internationally-recognized Palestinian territory,

2.  A just solution to the Palestinian refugee crisis,

3.  A halt to home destruction and settlement construction in the Occupied Palestinian Territories,

4.  The dismantling of the Israeli Wall (which the International Court of Justice ruled illegal in 2004),

5.  The restoration of the human rights of the Palestinian people (including the right to self-determination of which the Palestinian people have been deprived for decades), and

6.  An end to the systematic discrimination against Palestinian citizens of Israel.

SJP at FAU does not endorse any particular solution to the conflict. However, we believe that no solution is possible without justice for the parties involved. Until the perspective and modern-day plight of the severely underrepresented Palestinian people are understood, a just settlement of the conflict will remain elusive. Therefore, SJP at FAU will periodically associate with organizations and movements that the organizations deems conducive to its purposes.

SJP conducts awareness campaigns at FAU to inform students of what their media will not expose and what their tax dollars fund. SJP at FAU activism is not limited to on-campus activity. All activism conducted by SJP at FAU is nonviolent.

SJP sincerely welcomes and encourages civilized and insightful discussion of the issue at specified meeting times and at specified events in order to promote a better understanding and worldly awareness about inalienability of human rights and about the Palestinian people in the region.

SJP is pro-peace, pro-justice, pro-dialogue, pro-truth, pro-self-determination, anti-occupation, anti-oppression, anti-discrimination, non-violent, grassroots, cultural, educational, activist, and charitable. SJP at FAU is NOT anti-Israel or anti-Semitic. Such sentiment is not welcome at SJP at FAU. SJP at FAU is pro-human rights, and believe Palestinians are entitled human rights as human beings.

SJP at FAU membership is not limited to Palestinians. SJP at FAU is not a Palestinian or Arab Student Union—it is a human rights advocacy and awareness organization. FAU students of all backgrounds who value justice and believe that everyone deserves human rights (and align with SJP at FAU’s purpose and principles) are welcome to join.

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